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The Power of Not Giving Up

The Power of Not Giving Up

The note ‘Power of not giving up’ takes me to my younger days when my parents used to say ‘Don’t Give Up‘ to boost my morale on every single step. I never realized until the message impacted me in all areas of my life. Predominantly, it is about not losing yourself in any difficult situation. Standing strong and going beyond capabilities strengthen your power to face any challenges.

Power of not giving up starts with your mind

Your mind can make things possible or impossible for you. Sometimes you see a difficult thing from far away and it looks impossible to you. But once you are prepared from your mind you are able to achieve what you want. Most of the people don’t meet success and achieve their dreams. It’s because they quit in their mind even before trying.

I have been through many tough times and one thing I always say is “Never Give Up”. Not giving up is not only required to prove your abilities, it also requires you to put your right mind set in your head. 

“Never give up.” – Nick Vujicic

Never giving up is like working out to get to your desired goal, or to develop your abilities for strengthening power of your mind and body. For people with challenged abilities this is the only answer to overcome their challenges. Your fight will only be worth if you embrace the power of not giving up. Your ability to make life an abled life is only by pushing your limits and this is all important for us. 

5 lessons to learn from disabled, for not giving up in life:

1. Putting things into perspective

Stressing about small things in life is not healthy. Being negative is disappointing and this leads to reducing our ability to think for betterment.  With disable people you can learn how to cope up with situations by being happy with small things in life.

2. You don’t need perfect body to be happy

Many of us think if we should have perfect physique then only we can be happy. But many disabled people missing limbs, physical deformities and mental health issues are often more happy than others. Their happiness in life that they have created, despite the limitations.

It’s been proven in many cases that the ability to deal with physical and mental conditions is more in disable compared to normal people.

3. Trying to fit in is overrated

Usually people hung up on the looks they are meant to have & the idea of fitting in their crowd. This is not in case of disable person as they have to deal with their personal condition.

In this condition they embrace them individually. They feel their uniqueness makes them more special and they need not to hassle to fit as per crowd.

4. Patience is a virtue

Most of the time we want instant gratification and success in life and we often become negative when things don’t happen. People with disability are more optimistic they learned over a period that each day is new where they have to prove their abilities.

5. Life is short, utilize fully

Ordinary people forget many times that life is short and they have to live it to the fullest. A disable person has better experience when it comes to understanding life’s twists and turns. For disable everything is uncertain but they make most of the thing possible for better living.

Next time when you think about life’s challenges do consider the disabled. Remember one thing, life is short but be patient for success and enjoy every small moment in your life.

Be Encouraged by Edgar Albert Guest‘s famous Poem- Don’t Quit
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit...

To read full poem click here.

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