I’m Neetu

An Indian girl born-and-raised with passion, and enthusiasm, I have worked more on my strength to achieve success in life. I have been special since childhood, on my birth; my great grandmother looked at me and said we have a million-dollar girl.”

The Journey about AN ABLED LIFE

My journey was challenging. I got stricken with Polio at the age of three in both the legs. At that moment my parents were in a more painful situation. However, they took the stick of courage and emerged as great support for me.

My mother (Mangala Yadav) has played a vital role in my life on every step. Being a mother she experienced major suffering because of my condition. Thinking every time, that what if, my daughter won’t be able to walk on her feet again was troubling her more. She made the decision of giving all possible treatment and therapies to cure my condition.

Her dream was that I could walk without support in future. She was a determined and strong woman with very strong belief. Her confidence & treatments made me capable of walking with one improved leg and other with limb discrepancy.

She had acknowledged the existing situation and tried engaging me in other activities. At an early age I started my schooling, to get occupied with new learning. In early times I used to feel weak while walking, so my mom used to carry me all the way from home to school and school to home.

The Journey about AN ABLED LIFE
Neetu Yadav
Founder & Author

My mom has always been my backbone

I am sure that must be very difficult for her to carry me all the way till the age of seven. With all the difficulties she never gave up her hopes on me. Mom pushed me at every stage, realizing me on my strength instead of weakness. She gave me a new life, and I was re-born again because of her efforts, where my one leg was affected with Polio but my mind was not!

With all the motivation I became very strong from my mind and never accepted myself as disable person. I always use to feel that I am special with lot of abilities. During school days my teachers use to feel pity on me and treat me as special child. But I refused most of the time by giving all proof of my ability to perform.

I CAN DO APPROACH has always boosted my morale and differentiated me from other normal and specially abled children in school life. I was always passionate to show my abilities and wanted to be part of every activity like Physical Education, Extracurricular, sports, dance and cultural shows. Even after being picked on and ridiculed by other kids I never accepted myself as disable or ordinary child.

Sales & marketing as full time carrier option

The idea of accepting me as disable was not there at all in my whole life because of my parents support and upbringing.  I kept on pushing myself in all the years. After completing my MBA with Sales and Marketing stream I choose Sales as a full time carrier option. 

I was interested in a sales job because I wanted to prove that I am not meant for a desk job. Sales profile was exciting to like meeting new people, expanding the network, building rapport, negotiations, and sales closures.  Same time this is very challenging for a disable person to justify his/her fitment for such a job.

At every stage people use to look at me with lots of questions in their mind, How can we shortlist Physically Challenged for sales and marketing? Will she be able to travel across? Is she suitable for this profile? Why she has chosen a field job, she should be doing a desk job instead.

During interviews many of them wanted to check my walking ability. I remember, some of them asked me to do a mock in front of them to see if I am really fit for a field job or not. But my mind was very clear; I will work and definitely be best among others. With the high self-confidence I have been able to change people’s perception about my abilities.

Worked in companies

I have given 15 years of my life as a corporate professional, worked in companies like Shapoorji & Pallonji, Greenlam Ind., H&R Johnson India and currently with Panasonic Life Solutions India.

After looking at my working pattern, these companies have given me a lot of other opportunities to grow in my career. I have been representing and promoting them in various forums.  In this race also I could establish my strong image wherever I have worked and travelled in other parts of the world.

What I am looking for?

Till now I have given my best in my life and performed beyond people’s expectations. With my challenges and special abilities I have been influencing and inspiring many lives.

Over a period I also realized the importance of being physically active with daily work. So I started focusing on Meditation, Yoga, and Weight Training programs. I must say, this has added more discipline in my life and has increased my mental and physical health.

With the hobby of writing I wanted to share all my experience, my capabilities with the world and want to inspire many more people.

This platform is to bring more awareness about your inner strength & confidence, which will help to balance between your mind & body and make your life as beautiful as you can.

“Your mind plays very strong. You can decide, you are able or disable. An abled life just starts with you.” -Neetu Yadav

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