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State of Mind | Destructive or Creative ?

State of mind refers to our thinking pattern. What and how we think, that is foremost important. This determines our behavior pattern and validates our feeling of being superior or inferior. Most of the time we consider the current state of mind that moment our brain accepts, it starts functioning in autopilot mode. At that time it’s essential to understand and keep working on State of mind. As this can lead to destructive or creative mind.

Impact of Thoughts on Subconscious Mind

Our thoughts are very powerful, what we think our mind believes. With constant thinking we build a chain of thoughts in the brain which impacts our subconscious mind. As entire control goes to the subconscious mind we start acting in the same way. 

Conscious thinking has the potential effort to break the subconscious thought pattern. Or eliminate the process from the brain and controls it from going into auto-pilot mode. With negative thoughts your life goes into depression and causes more suffering. On the other hand a mind filled with change or positive thought can bring a lot of differences in life.

We can conquer the world if we can control our state of mind. I am sure most of us have read the very famous book “The Power of subconscious mind” written by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Book reveals the influence on the subconscious mind, benefit of changing our thought pattern to bring dramatic improvement in our life.

If not I would suggest you all do read this book. You can bring a lot of changes on all aspects of existence like on money, relationships, jobs, happiness. With this you can apply and direct its power to achieve your goals and dreams. Trust me it’s purely up to your state of mind- to make it destructive or to make it creative.

Creative and Positive State of Mind

Creativity requires a certain state of mind. Psychological theories have proven that increase in positive emotions leads to a broader thought-action repertoire. This ultimately leads to more creative, flexible, integrative and open thinking patterns.

More specifically; creativity is one of the character strengths, along with curiosity, judgment, love of learning and perspective, which defines the virtue of wisdom and knowledge. We all have creative character its mainly hidden; if we are more positive we are able to identify our strength better. These activities can open our mind to new discoveries which can lead to new ways to engage with the world.

Stop the cycle of Negative Thoughts

Thoughts, actions, feelings or sometimes physical reactions can trigger negative thoughts. One with a negative state of mind can have a distorted view of the world. It becomes a cycle when negative thoughts reinforce our emotions and that can lead to negative actions.

Negative thought is like small flame if it’s not extinguished quickly; it can lead to faster spread of fire which can cause major disaster. These cycles of continuous thoughts get accumulated in mind; and if it is left unattained this can lead to depression and anxiety.

We need to decide quickly in such situations whether these thoughts are rational; and need to take immediate steps to stop the spinning process. Recognizing causes that are more susceptible to triggers, can allow us to work on the route cause of the problem. By often practicing a positive state of mind, we can nurture the surrounding; and protect ourselves from building a negative cycle.

We need to be more self-truthful and celebrate the tiniest things in our life. It’s more important to believe that there is nothing in life which can’t be changed; so do not get stuck. Move on with positive flow for a happier and better life.

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. If we want to change the world we have to change our thinking… no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew.” ~Albert Einstein

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