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My Left Foot The Story of Christy Brown
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My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown | Symbol of Strong Will and Trust

My Left Foot is the story of Christy Brown, a brilliant brain trapped inside a damaged body. Brown was born on 5 June 1932 in Dublin, Ireland. Since birth he was suffering from cerebral palsy disease and almost paralyzed. The only part of body which was not affected by paralysis was his left foot . Brown is a great example of an abled life, he is a true symbol of strong will power and trust.

Early Life of Christy Brown

Cristy was born in a poor family and ranked 10th among 22 siblings. From his siblings 13 lived and 9 died in infancy. Despite a lot of responsibility and challenges, his parents never ignored Christy Brown. There were many difficulties in his childhood, but his mother never surrenders to his disability. His mother ignored those who told her Brown was beyond hope. And she didn’t believe Brown was an imbecile, no matter what the doctors told her. His mother knew that his body may be crippled, but his mind was as strong as that of any other person. With her belief that Brown’s situation could improve, she taught Brown to read and write.

Result of Sustained Effort

One day Christy tried writing by holding a piece of chalk in the fingers of his left foot. And that was the day when he saw a ray of hope. He tried relentlessly with his ability in life and never tired. So that he learned not only to read, write but also painting and finally typing. Brown overcame his physical disabilities to create impressive paintings and write books that became international best-sellers. And the result was in front of everyone, with his skills. He achieved fame as a successful novelist, painter and poet.

My Left Foot The Story of Christy Brown 2

World Famous Achievements

The book titled ‘My Left Foot’ published in 1954. It was a autobiographical account of Brown trying to cope with daily life in the working-class culture of Dublin with his disability. He got high appreciation from public for his book My Left Foot. And he became a major literary success. In 1970, he got huge success again for his another book Down All the Days. During the 1970s, Christy Brown became an international literary sensation. The world started considering him as a prominent celebrity.

My Left Foot- Award-Winning Movie

Jim Sheridan directed and produced the movie My Left Foot in 1989. Shane Connaughton adopted the screenplay from Christy Brown’s novel of the same name. Brenda Fricker played the part of his mother Bridget, and Daniel Day-Lewis played the part of Christy Brown. Each one of them got an Academy Award for their performance in the movie. Academy Award nominations nominated this movie for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture.

Daniel Day-Lewis wins Oscar for his performance as Christy Brown-My Left Foot Movie

An Inspiration to Learn from Christy Brown

Christy Brown provided the world with an amazing insight into the life of a disabled person. He also inspired many others to pursue their dreams and overcome their disabilities. Brown credited his mother for providing him with the inspiration to never surrender to his disability. This story tells us that here is the mother who did not give up in any difficulties, and the son who has never give up on his fruitless life. Although with positive attitude he made his life meaningful on the strength of his ability.

Today we are capable of doing everything in our life, yet we have stopped our way ourselves only by paying attention to the small shortcomings. Rather people with challenges are doing much better. And they are probably ahead of us in every field and have achieved more success. So, with these inspiring examples, we should learn where to pay more attention to our deficiencies or to our strengths. Think for yourself and decide. 

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