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How to handle Body Shaming Imperfect is nothing but I M PERFECT

How to Handle Body Shaming | Imperfect is Nothing But I M PERFECT

In the digital era, there is strong emphasis on idealized beauty. Everyone wants to join the race to look beautiful. Today the face should be beautiful; it has become equally important not only for a celebrity but also for a common person. ‘Body Shaming’ — these two words itself says a lot about their intent. It has, in fact, become a serious issue in our society today. This is nothing but criticizing yourself or others because of some aspect of physical appearance. We know that all of us are victims of body shaming somewhere, some people express it, and some hide, but this is really a serious problem.

Body Shaming is Just Perspective, Do Not Judge Yourself.

We don’t put our head to understand that there is nothing called ‘Perfect’, it’s just a perspective of people. Just think, can we really be 100% perfect? Why are we so sorry about our incompleteness? Isn’t imperfection 100% perfection? Can we set an example for people with this imperfection? And the most important question is, are we trying to improve this imperfection or are we just being body shamed?

To be honest, I myself admit that I was always more concerned about how other people see me. My disability is visible, while walking, running, standing, doing physical activity, and due to that I tried a lot to hide my imperfection. I have also made many false attempts to show myself in a perfect look. This thinking captured my mind for a long time, that what people will think about me. Will I be behind in the race without a perfect figure? Does this make my physical appearance ugly in comparison with other girls? Will I be put in a separate queue as incompetent? Will people not like my personality? I know this is all very disappointing thoughts, instead of feeling not fit in such a situation, I should have given thought that this is what separates me from bunch of common people.

Our Biggest Misconception is That We are Not Perfect.

Today I want to talk about this, which I have felt every moment in life. The desire to see ourselves perfect is not wrong, but more important is not what others think, important is what we think about ourselves. There are drawbacks in every person, no one is perfect, no one is without shortcomings. So instead of hiding my shortcomings, I started accepting it with change in perception. 

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Is it Right to Shame on Your Personality, Accept Yourself as Imperfect or Weak? No.

I accepted that this Special Ability should be made more special. Why don’t I work to improve on it and make it better? We are weak or imperfect as long as we see ourselves from that perspective. If we want to live life with mercy and compassion, then there are many people who are still merciful. I am sure in some places you will get their mercy.

My life has never depended on the kindness of people, and I feel very proud of myself that I am working continuously to improve it day by day. Believe me working on your weaknesses, perfecting yourself; this is the only option to improve your condition.

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On the matter of body shaming, I would never support people who are just living life full of excuses. Most of us give up by saying I am obese, I am weak, I am challenged, I am disable, I can’t do this, I can’t change this, these are just lame excuses of not putting effort to change. They start believing that nothing can be done now; god has made them like or chosen this way. This is not true at all, god gives us all equal opportunity but it’s up to us which one to grab and which one to lose.

It’s always good to love yourself, accept yourself, build self-confidence in yourself, but remember not doing anything to improve yourself is a big failure in life..

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