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How Magic of Positive Thinking can transform your Life

How Magic of Positive Thinking can Transform your Life

When we say Positive Thinking has real magic to change your life we start thinking does this really happen. Only by thinking positive, can we change life’s unpleasant situation. Most of us will say, these are just big talks whatever you do your problem will be there as it is and then you give up the whole idea. Positive thinking does have scientific basis, it can make or break any individual.

Many psychological tests have proven that your thought is what controls your mind and action, which in turn results in success or failure.  With Magic of Positive Thinking you can learn to adopt an optimistic mindset.

Before going forward I would like you to think of those hard times with yourself or with your dear ones when you fight everyday to train your mind to be optimistic. I have experienced in my life handling the medical condition of my father suffering from hyper-depression, who fights with his negative emotions every day.  My continuous effort of counseling onto the positive side has helped him a lot and improved his life in a much better way. Believe me Positive Thinking has real magic which can transform your life.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Impact of Negative Thinking

To understand the effects of positive thinking let’s understand the impact of negative thinking first. With negative thinking we only focus on problems and difficulties which narrow down our process and restrict our mind to look beyond one point. Our brain closes all possible solutions and we surround ourselves with negative emotions, low willpower, stress, fear, anger, helplessness, anxiety. Negativity consumes all our energy and at a time we find ourselves in paralyzed condition.

When people with negative thinking fail in their attempt, they lose faith and confidence to initiate the next step.  It’s also not possible to get completely rid of negative thoughts; we cannot cut them completely out of our lives. But there are best ways to learn how to deal with them.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Power of Positive Thinking

In a stressed situation most of the time you feel like giving up on the whole thing. But if we start looking at things positively we can shift our focus from problem to solution. We build up our brain with more ideas, strategies, and possibilities to find the right way to overcome that hindrance. Positive thinking breaks the negative chain and opens our mind for more options.

You must have heard lots of motivational speakers who say ‘Think Positive’ and this will help you do better. Probably someone must have also told you ‘look on the bright side’ or to ‘see the cup as half full’. This all means you should look beyond your current situation to deal in a better manner with any stressful situation.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” ~ Joyce Meyer

Successful and happy people cultivate the habit of being positive in every situation. Despite many challenges in life they think about what they want, and how to get it. This is a way of developing a positive attitude which can truly change your life.

Practice Positive Thinking

Many researchers are finding benefits of optimism and positive thinking. It says that positive thinkers are not only healthier and happier they are less stressed and with better well being. It relieves you from stressful situations and reduces frustration and anxiety.

Mind can have a powerful effect on your body. A recent study during Covid-19 situation, has also pointed to the immunity of people who are less stressed and positive in their approach. If you are associated with negative emotions your body leads to a weaker immune system and your response towards treatment and medicine will be a big failure.  People with Positive mind set have been able to fight such viruses easily and recover very fast. Even a lot of positive people have shown very good responses while fighting critical disease like cancer.

I would suggest you to adopt few techniques of  Positive Thinking

6 Best Ways of Positive Thinking to Overcome Negative Thoughts

6 Best Ways of  Positive Thinking to Overcome Negative Thoughts

1. Focus on Solution

Every problem has a solution in our life. Life doesn’t stop at any point it just goes on with all up and down. So why to stop ourselves in any problem. My suggestion is if you will seek a solution you can resolve anything. Look for alternatives, keep an optimistic approach, and maintain strong belief and faith, your open approach towards any situation can bring better solutions.

And if still you don’t find a solution stop drilling your mind and just move on in life with a positive attitude.

2. Engage yourself in Productive Stuffs

It has been rightly said “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. Lot of evil thoughts appear when we remain idle. Every person is creative in their own way. We just need to identify our uniqueness and put it into action. So set your goal and work towards achieving the same. With any kind of engagement we can keep ourselves busy. We can utilize the brain and thoughts in a positive manner and avoid unnecessary bulging of negative thoughts. This gives reason and a sense of living life in a meaningful way.

You can also follow a daily routine by working on your hobbies like reading, writing, singing, dancing, painting or anything of your interest. You will be able to accomplish a simpler goal much easily compared to any complicated one.

3. Shift from Negative Self Talk to Positive Self talk

Sometime some words and experiences run in our mind relentlessly. This can turn into negative reflection and refuses to leave your head. Don’t let this thinking turn into negative self talk. Challenge these irrational views and replace them with optimistic thoughts. Such positive self-talk techniques can help you a lot to overcome this situation.

4. Be Grateful

Always be grateful for what we have achieved in our life to embrace a positive attitude. Gratitude helps us to stay grounded in the present situation. Start showing gratitude to every small and big thing and you will see a fabulous impact on your way of thinking.

5. Adopt a Healthy Routine

Exercising on a daily basis is good practice to keep yourself healthy and energize. I believe that a fitness routine is one the healthiest way to practice positive thinking. Exercise releases endorphins, increases oxygen level in the bloodstream and also improves mental agility. With release of good hormones we can notice days with more positive flow.

6. Do Meditation and ‘Practice Yoga’

Meditation should be part of your everyday routine. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety. If you want to overcome negative thinking meditation is the best remedy. Focusing on breath can reflect very well on your health and also on your thinking ability. This is best practice you can perform anytime anywhere.

Positive Thinking is a choice just like happiness. With Positive thinking, you can have better control of your thoughts and you can make positive differences.

With our experience, we should influence and motivate other people to overcome their problems. Let others also learn from you. Do share your real-life experience on positive thinking for better transformation in life.

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