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Fighting with Mental Health in Pandemic

Fighting with Mental Health in Pandemic – Real Battle!

World has experienced the worst impacts of Pandemic over a period. These disease outbreaks have ravaged the world and humanity throughout its existence. World has faced many epidemics from the 14th Century till now like Black Death, Plague, Spanish Flu, Polio, Asian Flu, AIDS, H1N1 Swine Flu, Ebola, Dengu, and COVID-19. Results of these pandemics are going worse on people and countries over the years. Today we are not only fighting with the economic health of the country but also fighting with mental health in a pandemic.

Mental health is a precious commodity and a national asset and should be prioritized in the same way as physical health. In all Pandemic conditions the mind of sufferers and society gets badly affected. With Polio I have also experienced mental suffering due to disease and also suffering of my parents, relatives and society.

Today’s situation is the same as other pandemic conditions that occurred in the past. New Corona virus has impacted all over the world and the situation is even more difficult because people are fighting with mental health in a pandemic . Everyone is affected and no-one escapes the impact.

In COVID-19 most of us are facing common mental imbalances.  Our mind is critical and vulnerable right now with fear, anxiety, panic, suspicion, rejection, naming and shaming, and at times hatred.

Remedy and vaccine for viruses are still under development. We are left with only the option of prevention by maintaining Social Distancing. We have to understand, Social Distancing does not mean social isolation, it’s actually Physical Distancing. In this critical situation, the need for social support is more. Self isolation sometimes brings depression so we should make efforts to be in touch with family, friends, colleagues and classmates by maintaining distancing guidelines.

7 ways to improve Mental Health condition in Pandemic

1. Plan your day

Planning day in advance can make you utilize your time and energy properly for the day.

2. Follow your Routine

Following routine is good for being in discipline. Routine can make you feel healthy and productive. Setting up time for sleep, wake up, office work and home work can help to systemize your day.

3. Regular Yoga & meditation

Do include yoga and meditation in your daily routine to energies your mind and body. As you breathe a lot of oxygen while doing Yoga, it keeps you refreshed the whole day and meditation helps to control your mind and thought to be positive.

4. Follow Immunity booster routine (Home Remedy)

Regular usage of basic home remedies, even if you are not sick, can help you to keep your immune better and reduce feelings of fear and anxiety.

5. Limit your screen time

Limit use of your handset and social media instead reading and watching movies of your interest can help to lower unnecessary stress. I would recommend inspirational movies and books as first preference.

6. Source of information

Trying to identify accurate sources of information instead of word of mouth spread, to get actual updates on the situation. Also limit the exposure to news and social media. Do not watch news for the whole day; set a particular time limit.

7. Taking extra care of dependents

We all have dependents like elderly, disable and fragile people. Their mental state is not as strong as healthy people. Taking extra care and counseling them from time to time can help to reduce their stress and depression.

Mental health can impact your immunity. So try to improve by learning new things, setting new goals and bringing more discipline in life. Utilize your time in the best way to be more positive, more productive, and more abled.

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