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Change Your Perspective About Life

Change Your Perspective About Life – A bird’s eye view

Perspective about life has a lot of different ways of viewing things. Most of us have turned their binoculars in the wrong direction, looking from the big end and zeroing down on small-small matters in life. But in time we have to start looking from proper lenses where we can see things which are way beyond right in front of us.

In life nothing is wrong or right, it’s just how we want to spend our life.  And I believe choice should always remain with us. Most of the time we are in situations where we are over complaining, criticizing, becoming pessimistic, too negative, with no hopes for beautiful things in life. And that attitude is what corrupts our capabilities to seek greatness in our lives.

Perspective Matters – Go and Look at the Tough Situations

We all should go back and look at the tough situation which we have faced till now. When we turn pages we will see those situations weren’t as tough as we’ve made them. Or they might be tougher then what we thought at first, but in any condition we have to face them and be ready to move forward.

There were moments when I was surrounded with multiple problems at a time. I was under too much stress due to mother’s death, poor health, survival in a new job, relationship. At that time I thought of giving up my life and another thought was, no I can’t give up. I am not weak; still there is a chance I can fix things in my life.

Change Your Perspective About Life - Steve Jobs -

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick don’t lose faith” ~Steve Jobs

Bird’s Eye View – An Elevated Perspective

I looked at the entire situation from a distant perspective about my life, and focused on my strength, sharpening my skills and started looking at life with a more positive attitude. And today you see, I have a new goal, purpose to achieve in my life. It is to look at what you can do today to improve your situation in spite of focusing on the problem.

The reason why people struggle is because we don’t take responsibility. It is very easy to sit in a cubicle job and crib that this job is not giving me enough, ‘I am stuck’ here. Blaming others for your situation is very easy, it’s important to point yourself. You take accountability for what you do, shift your perspective from blame to ownership. I suggest you open your eyes and look for opportunities instead of failures.

Learning lessons from every situation can give broader and better perspective. A job where you work today will be ‘just a job’ if you don’t see it as an opportunity, to learn and develop your skill and personality. If you look from a different angle you will start enjoying and loving your existing job also. You don’t need to shift yourself from your current place just shift your perspective and things will be better.

One thing is very clear, ‘we have to stop playing victim, and we are only responsible for our situation’. No one can change your life until you take steps for your own betterment.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

7 Most Important things which can help you to change your perspective for better life

  1. Distance yourself from negativity. Sometimes people and things around you can turn you negative. These are like ‘Negative Vampires’ keep distance so they will not suck your positive energy.
  1. Your happiness is your choice. Do not give the key of your happiness in someone else’s hand. Life has many ups and downs but facing this situation with a happy mind can bring better solutions.
  1. Being different from the crowd is good. You have your own identity; your uniqueness makes you better.
  1. Social media platforms should be used for networking not for showcasing your personal life. You don’t need to prove and validate your life on social media like others.
  1. Reward yourself with positive self-talk. This can uplift your confidence about your abilities.
  1. No goal is too big, be serious about achieving it. Decide what you want from your life. Nothing is impossible if you put serious effort.
  1. Stop, Breath, Think, and React. Give time to yourself, just don’t jump to conclusions. Past only matters if we can make something good out of it. If we don’t reach some destination that’s not the end of Journey.

“Success is when you walk your path, you learn, you grow, and do what you love.”

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