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An Inspiration can change your life

An Inspiration That Can Bring Changes In Life – We Just Need To Adopt It!

Inspiration is an energy that gives the right perspective to our life, it is very much required to maintain will and the persistence to keep going. Without inspiration, we lack both stimuli of desire and momentum of action. If we adopt properly, we can get up strong after each fall. Today inspiration can be found anywhere, people who are different, unique and successful have become our ideal. This energy is very positive that can lead to a lot of changes in life, and defines the way we live, the way we think, and the way our attitude towards our life. But it’s sad when we see people want to change their life, but no one wants to work hard to implement it in the right manner.  

Everyone can influence their life with inspiration, but in reality we use inspirational messages for showoff and we just pretend to be better than others. After all, why do we want to see our life from another perspective? Why don’t we make these people our true inspiration (role model) and we work to create our own personality, our own existence in society. Everyone has merits, but does everyone recognize it? Probably not and you too will agree with me.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ~ Lou Holtz

Objective of Inspiration

Today, time is running very fast, faster than lightning speed and we all want to stay ahead in this race. So let’s see how we are looking for our source of inspiration amidst all this. Today we have found a very simple and interesting way, I laugh thinking that I too used to do the same.

In the morning, we pick up any Motivational Quotes from Pinterest or from daily quotes website and share with people on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. And others think, wow, what a thought, what a cool message is written! And we get replies, very good thoughts, superb quotes, nice messages. We simply get happy by collecting those compliments.

Have you ever wondered whether we are trying to improve ourselves by keeping them as an example in our life or are just deceiving ourselves? Are we really learning anything from this or just pretending to have a good personality in the eyes of the world? Believe or not, today many of us are suffering from an inferior feeling that we are not doing anything good for ourselves. We are not living our life in real, it is just being spent, but we are not less in showing off.

In fact these messages/quotes are the perfect way to maintain positivity, to motivate someone, or to stay motivated. But we are not using it in the true sense. I suggest just don’t use these powerful words as layman forwards. With inspirational stories, quotes and examples, do change your habits; do adopt small-small changes in your life. Try to work upon your abilities and improve on your weakness. Very soon you will see these quotes leaving a strong positive impression on your forwards, status, posts and even on your personality & others life too.

“You can look anywhere and find inspiration.” ~Frank Gehry

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam– Most Inspiring Speech

Inspirational Source – Be You

Inspirational sources are everywhere; we just need a perspective to see that. Anyone can impact our life, sometimes a child, sometimes an old person, sometimes disable or sometimes talented. They are not an alien, they are just one of us, unique, special people who have worked on their shortcomings and have set a lead before us. These people have grown in their most difficult situation of life. But still they went on without stopping, without being weary, without feeling depressed.

Today, when you will search, you will find many on Google with inspiring stories. There are many people who have set an example in front of us. There is no one who has got victory or name in one day, it has many days of struggle involved in it. You can learn from any inspirational person and his biography, how he made his life from general to special.

It is very easy to give up and say, “I can’t do it!” when you limit your abilities. But there are people who say “yes I can”, no matter what the circumstances are.  Whenever ordinary people do extraordinary things, they fight, without being afraid, non-stop by overcoming all their shortcomings. Then people say, “He looks like an unusual person”, this person is full of inspiration.

So just remember that without any self-doubt, just think if others can do it, then why don’t I? Believe in yourself and work more on your strength. This will develop a skills set which can help you in your remarkable performance. Then there is nothing that can stop you and you too will become a source of inspiration for other people. Believe it is not difficult at all; you just need positive thought, a passion, to make yourself extraordinary from ordinary. An Inspiration is one who has proceeded with struggle. Remember, universe also helps only the person who wants to help himself.

Any inspirational source is useful only if we truly adopt it in life, otherwise it is just a knowledge we are sharing with others.

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~ Frank A. Clark

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