An Abled Life is challenging your limitations

“An Abled Life is challenging your limitations to be the best version of you.”

Neetu Yadav
Founder & Author


An Abled Life is about those special people who have made their life able in every challenging situation. One who has proven wrong to our society’s belief of expecting less out of disable person.

Real hero is one who believes ability is stronger than disability. It has been proven by a lot of inspirational heroes like  Stephen Hawking who believes “Disability need not be an obstacle to success”.

This website An Abled Life is to share the journey of our life where we all have visible and invisible disabilities but we keep on trying to bring the best and unique out of it. I have a strong belief that with a strong mind we can overcome any disability in life. With self confidence, self love and self belief you can move any mountain.

Your challenges make you different from others and trust me it’s beautiful and unique.

Till now I have given my best in my life and performed beyond people’s expectations. With my challenges and special abilities I have been influencing and inspiring many lives.

Over a period I also realized the importance of being physically active with daily work. So I started focusing on Meditation, Yoga, and Weight Training programs. I must say, this has added more discipline in my life and has increased my mental and physical health.

With the hobby of writing I wanted to share all my experience, my capabilities with the world and want to inspire many more people.

This platform is to bring more awareness about your inner strength & confidence, which will help to balance between your mind & body and make your life as beautiful as you can.

Dis-Able is just Differently-Abled

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